We understand better than anybody else that data acquisition speed and accuracy are critical in every business. Blockchain is ideal for providing such information as it offers instant, shared, and completely transparent access to information on an immutable list.


Years of Experience


Succesfull Projects


Fundraised for the clients

We have been operating on the market for almost 3 years. During this time we set up partnerships with a lot of businesses and projects and have more than 20 clients at the moment. Statistically, we have gained success with 95% of our clients.

What we do


We work with TOP and the most efficient journals and Mass Media to introduce and get the recognition of your project to the potentially loyal community in the most organic format

The package includes 3 publications monthly



We will create a full advertising strategy for your project. Adjust it ccording to your requirement and implement it through banners and text advertising (in websites with the highest reach in crypto) and video advertising



We combine different influencers with diverse audiences according to the project’s goals and needs

Package includes 2 integrations monthly.


Social mass media

One of the most important tools in developing your brand awareness is reconnecting with your existing community and creating an additional strong inflow of new users, who will come from advertising. We will increase the activity in your telegram groups, bitcointalk, reddit and increase the conversion rate together with unique content


Investor marketing consultancy

One of our products is a short audit of your investors documents (White Paper, Website and Pitch Deck audit) to start the investor email blast campaign (content, design, mobile markup and launch email marketing service provider are included). Email blast will be done to our unique investor base of 2800 private investors.


We do not provide separate services, only packages.
We work in this way because your success is our reputation


23 Al Mustaqbal St DIFC - Dubai



23 Al Mustaqbal St DIFC - Dubai